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Fire Safety Training

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Fire Safety Training

Basic Fire Safety Level 1

Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness Training is considered a nationality-recognized certification and it is implemented to increase the basic awareness in fire safety in an organization.

Employees from all sizes of businesses within any industry sector can learn basic fire safety rules to ensure the safety of them and other employees. Candidates not only learn the basic fire safety training but they learn how to deal with an emergency and what safety measures should be implemented to lessen the risk of fire in the workplace.

Employees who are directly involved with fire safety responsibilities such as fire marshal, fire wardens, team leaders, and supervisors do not need this training but they require higher knowledge and education, provided in advanced corporate training courses.

Fire safety training covers the following areas:

  • Causes of fire accidents in a workplace
  • What should be the compensation of fires in the place of work for employers, employees, volunteers, and society
  • Essential fire safety responsibilities and tasks
  • Emergency actions to control an event of the fire
  • Concept and theories of fire risk control
  • Key factors of fire risk management
  • The fire triangle and controlling fire risks
  • Direct and indirect risk control measures
  • How to prevent fires in the workplace
  • The essential use of fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire equipment safety checks
Fire Marshall Level 2

Fire Marshall Level 2 course is one of the evidence-based and nationally-recognized corporate training courses. Anyone, responsible for fire safety in the workplace can require this fire safety training. It is designed for professionals who have specific roles and responsibilities on fire safety in an organization. This includes fire marshals, fire wardens, managers, team leaders, and supervisors.

Effective candidates gain a good understanding of fire safety execution at the workplace and the explicit responsibilities related to fire safety in the organization by this corporate training course.

It covers a wide range of areas such as how fires start, methods of managing fire spreading, evacuating the house, making fire statement, and to assess the risks. Candidates gain skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage fire safety by this course. Corporate training courses ensure safety and reduced risks of accidents within a business.

Corporate training courses cover all the issues, previously mentioned in the Basic Fire Safety Level 1 training. Other tasks include:

  • Problems during and after fires
  • Fire and smoke spread
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire revealing and moving up the alarm
  • Means of escape
  • Principles of putting out fires
  • Fire-fighting apparatus and systems
  • Fire safety rules
  • Duties and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Fire safety risk assessments
  • Roles and responsibilities of the designated fire warden on emergency and day-to-day basis